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Lies are realities in the mind of the speaker. His imagination runs wild and sporadic; he creates a world of reality inside his own small momentary world. He fantasies, he concentrates his intension so heavily and attempts that the listener must believe in him and all he says. He is careful of his gesticulations; he looks straight into the face of the listener to see if they are riding in his roller coaster of imaginary world of lies so formulated by him. He stops for a while and creates with clarity what the listener must see and believe as reality. If he feels that he is not making headway enough, he visualizes better images and displays them in colours that would be acceptable to his listener. He works very hard to achieve and bring about the realities of his intents. At last he breathed a sigh of relief, oh what a day he said to himself. But I am rewarded, because I got across to him, he believed me; I made him or them to believe in my creations of fantasies – lies.

These processes are but illusions, a man living in a fool’s paradise. He starts creating the lies in his head by building up images that are called thought forms otherwise called Familiars, you could call them elementals, but they are unknown to him. All he thinks is what he/she would benefit from his victim. He had sent out a message by his dream state mind of concentrated effort, to win another helpless victim that listens and accept, because of love and trust. He betrays his fellow man of a true friendship or calls it mere communication, he had broken the pact of agreement from his brother, he no longer believes or accepts the law of, love one another any more. To him, it does not matter now, all I want is what I must get or bring to pass between us. He hears himself speaking out the lies as true, he sees it as reality and he works on the imagination of his victim. The victim in return is loose and helpless as he listens and follows his speaker with understanding, patience and keen interest. He continues to build and creates further lies. The only part that is true about this all is the man himself, the teller of these lies. He lives in his own world of created fantasy.

In the world of the astral hell, you would meet several thought forms like this, that descend to prowl the earth leading people to committing suicides and having series of nightmares.

From creation the world has being known to be filthy and dirty because of the first inhabitants and by this virtue, created the millions of thought forms that lie in wait in the lower astral world. Though we know with time, many thought forms created by our ancestors dissolved and faded away and many more created thereafter, as lies never would stop or ever have an end. These in turn return here to earth at intervals to torment the inhabitants. Images seen by the mind in the dream states are not just mare dreams as some people believe it to be.

These thought forms would follow their creator because he requires the aid of this elemental that he had created unconsciously to trap his victim. If by the end of the day he/she accomplishes their aim and objective by lying in the first place, what becomes of the thought form-elemental they had created?

But because they are unaware and have not the know-how, to eliminate this created imagery from existence, it carries on living as this is not the only lie said by its creator in his life. Each time a lie is repeated by him, it strengthens this monster in the astral world. When this elemental has feed enough to actualize in the material physical plane, it hunts its creator because there is a line of thread that connects them together. Since the focus of it being created is to hurt another by deception, this Familiar is a destructive force and you could be sure that you will be hunted by it also.

Many families today are in absolute chaos because of such elementals that has being living within the walls of their homes. This created distorted being, has the power to appear in dreams as nightmares, to torment innocent people who are vulnerable to this attacks. Because these victims do not believe in the light, their minds are too weak to receive the light into their lives.

We have some of them as children in homes and in our communities and their parents are helpless of how to rescue the situation.

I call them distorted because, since the aim of their creator is inimical, to cheat and cause pains, therefore defying and breaking the golden rule (love) this elementals are always monstrous in appearance. We see in our communities people, both young and old living in a confused state of mind and most ended up committing suicide or turn out to be monsters in human flesh, creating havoc and interfering with the peace and steadiness of their communities.

Are we right to say it is their own fault? Remember they are innocent, but victims of circumstances. They do not know what and who they are; they ended up absolutely out of self control. We can see them everyday on our streets because they live in our communities.

So the next time you want to tell a lie, please think and remember what you are doing to yourself or other innocent souls around you.


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