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Magick could be defined as the outward conscious representation of the inner unconscious reality. The passive brought in uniformity with the active. This definition could also apply to artists like the image painters, the like of; Leonardo ad Vinci, Michelangelo, Rembrandt etc. They all had inner séance contact. The Magician is in truth spoken; do have contact with inner realities, the unconscious self that creates indiscriminately and fantastically to those that has the knowledge to trigger her into action, while some call this phenomenon magic others call it auto suggestion, contact with inner subconscious self.

Magic is commonly believed to be practised by people or persons that are rarely tagged successful in life or society in general. Magic was believed to be widely populated with people with the slight of hands or the charlatans. The true magicians deserved to be called the wise ones, the true erudite of the society, but in the faces of the people instead receives, disgrace, spited as they are mostly pronounced as trick stars wherever they go around. Beckoned by this madness, Aleister Crowley the man that could see things from a different perspective, a philosopher, a mathematician and a kabbalist, decided to change and distinguishes substantially minded practitioners with “K” at the end of the spelling of magic to make sense of magick in reality. The magick with a “K” is a form of magical practice that imbibed Kabbalah into the art. The knowledge of the higher self and how man could seek to converse with his own guardian Angel, the communication of the lower man to his higher ideal the “Ain soph Aur” the knowledge of the unknown.

Magic is neither fake nor real as comprehended by the undeveloped mind. Students of the art know that it is a study that by passes the senses of the common man. From here the high magick was felt by the public, separated from stage magic, the widely known art to entertain the crowd in circus or place of like atmosphere.

It is true that Kabbalah has afforded man the ability to explore into the system that was mysterious and therefore tagged “Magical Kabbalah” The fact being that it involves contact with the Angels of light and how one could amplify this means to better his everyday living here on earth.  This system was widely accepted by many especially students of the art in general, and it is believed to be the highest form of magick in the middle ages even to the present time. The system of Kabbalah Magick affords you the possibility to meet one on one with the Angels of light, your own guardian Angel and converse with him and receive instruction on how to correct your present living and therefore bring peace, succour and plentiful joy into our lives.


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