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The man Jesus the Christ is popularly known amongst the Christian circle as the messiah or redeemer. He was believed to have being crucified on the cross for the redemption of man from his sinful (misguided actions) state to freedom and liberation.

Many none Christians and the like of occult students pay little or no interest in reading his epistles that are collected in a book called the holy Bible. It could benefit many irrespective of the religion or occult circle you belong. It could also do you a world of good to please allow your minds to digress a little, why not allow the mind to drift for a moment in a wild goose chase here, it could pay off after all.

Wicca’s, Pagans and the Kabbalist are the most affected on what i am about to explain. I have heard most Wicca and Pagan Practitioners say, Jesus was for the Christians and they believe neither in his teachings or his religion. But the questions are; what has his religion got to do with you? He never really formed a religion of a kind, because if he did, he would have called it by a given name, but he rather believed that his followers should be called by what he attained as a height in spiritual elevations “Christ” nick named “Christians”.

The man Jesus was just like any other earthly man. Until he fulfilled his goal of attracting the higher influences and bend those to fulfil his will. He attained the position of the messiah because he said; he has found freedom for the soul of man. Christianity was rather a group where people of like minds meet and follow his teachings, he was the master and leader. He taught many formulas that are suppose to be kept from the public eyes, but instead revealed for the wise to select the harvest amongst the weeds from the Bible. He wished to liberate burdened heart and souls. Many learnt a lot from him and they are called his Apostles. But the Disciples changed many of these teachings to favour their heart desire, and hide further amongst words the true secret that would liberate man in truth as said by the master Jesus.

Others have become fanatics believing only Christians to be saved on a day that is called “The last day to come soon” All these are not for you the Wicca’s, Pagans or the Kabbalist, your eyes are illuminated beyond those “mambos, jumbos” but rather select out from his teachings and words that are truly light. They are there; look deep you will find them. Please harvest your farm of wisdom from this book; “The Bible” Don’t scorn it or despise it, be wise as you are called from the beginning, “The Wise Ones” Search through this great Book, and you will definitely reap your fruit of harvesting.

If you want to draw the argument, that he called himself the son of G-d and if it was right for him to be thus addressed? My answer is yes, with many reasons to support me. He attained the height of conversing with his holy guardian Angel of light, he healed many that are sick, he guard and guided many distracted hearts and feet’s that have de-railed, many that are disillusioned (Madness) otherwise said to mean, he forgave many that sinned and asked them to go and sin no more thereafter.

Have you ever stopped and asked yourselves, who Jesus the man was on earth? He was a man that was born as a Jew and he died as a Jew. He was conversant with the kabbalah perfectly. He was mostly found in the temple with the Rabbis, even when he was too young to pick interest in matters like that for his age. He was interested in the Kabbalah and the Talmud. He learnt the oral kabbalah and he read or was read to by the Rabbis, the written kabbalah. Here he new his true self, the light shone upon him, his heart was liberated because it has eaten from the bread of life. He became like G-d even though it is true that man is G-d. Known only by the initiate into the mystery of the light

We should not look at the Christians of today or what they have to offer in their preaching (Spreading the word of their master Jesus) but look to Jesus as a man that went through mystical sacrifices to attain his height. His words are supposed to be read and followed by the occultist at large. He thought how the soul could be liberated so that it can sail to the realms of the Spirit. He lay down principles that could lead to this end.

Take a step by reading the bible, not because you want to be converted to become a Christian, but because you need these teachings more than any book you could ever read or have read.

Jesus is truly the Christ, a master, and a liberator to the entire world all inclusive. Acknowledge him and read his words with open heart to learn and you will find many answers to your doubts and blinds.


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