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“Man know thyself” hung on the walls of most of the Temples in Greece. “I salute the divine one within you” is a formal way of greeting in the Ancient Greece. All these terminologies mean a lot to the initiate. The Divine one means the G-d that is in us both, we are one and the same, and he greeted himself, “do unto others as you would be done by” is the law.

Man know yourself as stated above, means we are suppose to learn from each other. We are one and the same; we are sprout of the same vine. What you sow is what you would reap. What you do to your fellow man is automatically going to affect you. You are the G-d force (Power to create) in him that made him a living person. Seeing him is seeing you. Just as we are constant reminders to G-d, so is the man a reminder to man, that you are you in him that makes him you, and the you, seen as two separate Persons, but you are one and the same. It is the breath of life in you that is G-d that made you a man on earth. All the above could be interpreted to simply mean;

“Three manifold laws of the Wicca’s; One thunder bolt you sent to a pronounced enemy will return to you in three fold”

“The Christian Bible spoke of Law on Charity – Love your neighbours as yourself. By Apostle Paul”

Are both statements not the same, spoken to be a guide, or somewhat as a watchdog over mankind?

When he fails you fail, when he succeeds you succeed, when he drowns you drown too. Your actions are his or hers. When he displays and portrays evil machinations or selfish treats, or he lies or he is honest and loyal, either ways of his life are you in him and he in you. But you choose a path different from him far from what he is exhibiting as negative dispositions. But for as long as these characters are comprehendible by you, the ability to tell them as good or bad, for as long as these are all visible and they came to your awareness, it is because they are there already in you from creation.

Hidden as they were, and unknown to you as they seem, they never registered in your cognisance, but present in the deepest parts of the true you. There is nothing in the world that is visible that was not already in your Conscience, if it was never there, it is never visible, then it has no life, no vibration that brought it to your visible octave. Man stands as a mirror to himself; he reflects his true image in his fellow man, they appear separate, but they still remain the same one. When a man displays his negative dispositions; you condemn or hate them as bad characters or treats. For every negative part of him are you, this is why you are able to notice them because they are in you, this is why they are visible and noticeable to you, likewise all the positive side you choose are all in you also comprehendible by you, always receiving pate on the back because you are straight and found right. The question is for how long would you remain this loyal? The other you in you that remains hidden would sooner or later revolt and you find out you committed a shameful act. Has the negative part not caught up with you at this time? It is simply because it has being in you but you saw a reflection of it in another man. Is he or she really another man other than you?

When de dresses poor and he looks UN kept, and you refuse to go near him or speak to him, you run far away from him, what is this? You can’t run away from your own self. This is why the saying is; what you do unto the least man on the street, you do unto yourself; because he is you, appearing in different places and forms, for a purpose of learning, he still poses as your mirror even then, as you are immediately conscious of your favourable condition as against his.

We here fore acknowledge now the “WILL” is in you to use. What do you want? The choice becomes yours to make, to be good or bad as your mirror – man? Since you are aware of faults and corrections the choice still remains yours to make. This is a decision that would determine whom you are, the true you is a path you choose. It is the same in the garden inside Eden in the Bible, to eat the fruit or not, as ordered by G-d. They both made a choice, they eat the fruit, and both bore their mistakes on their heads.

We have heard that man is here on earth to learn, he is in a school many would say. To some, these are only philosophical terms that make little or no sense. But the fact remains that; though this is my personal view to man and things. Man is not able to learn all the knowledge he needs before he will transcend to another life. We are truly here in a school to learn and acknowledge things, to see things from both sides of the coin, are food for the soul. The presence of man on earth is not without the knowledge of man himself. He designed the earth and all that is in it. Man migrated from the heavenly bodies his G-d seat, to manifest himself on earth. Man is a Mirror to G-d, just as man is a mirror to man. At one moment, man was no other than just a man, but there was the real man (Adam Cadman) The pure one, the true him, the G-d – man in all his glory. He was living within his own self that is in himself, he was G-d. A fact that many verses of the Bible has tried to clarify, also in many other religious and mystic books world wide in black and white, but hidden amidst many words are these truth. But as suppressed as they have being by the society and its madness, mankind has done little or nothing to help its upheaval. We are not going to indulge in the verses of the bible here as this is not a religious discussion. We would do that in the nearest future. We intend to draw some analogies from the Christian scriptures to permit detail analysis.

We heard verse from the Torah and the Bible that in the beginning; “Berachite” in Torah, when G-d decided to create man he said, “Let us make Man in our image after our likeness” Whom was G-d inviting to come? We know that there was only one in the beginning G-d. All started from one and would end up in one. A circle must go round and end up in it self. So man was with G-d and is G-d and he decided to make a miniature of himself to represent him as an image of comprehension because he was formless. Also in Genesis, all was without form we read and the spirit of G-d move upon the surface of the deep (Another word for Mystery). He formed a shape and figure, a likeness of what he comprehended in his own eyes as man, a creature, and man was only a figure in the mind of G-d, in him. There was no name for this to be called at this void time.

This is not to be his true figure and form, as he is formless. We have this shown and confirmed when after the disobedience of man woman, we read also in the same genesis that G-d said “Behold the man is become as one of us to know good and evil” Man has the will, the wisdom and knowledge to know the differences of both and to make a choice. G-d referred to man as “the man” meaning, something that was nothing, has become something after all. He breathes (Roach) Breath of life into man’s nostrils, the breath of life. And man became a living soul. The soul was the breath because this was G-d entered man and became man himself. A tree with many branches and each branch is part of the tree, infarct it is the tree itself.

Before the breath of life to make man a living body, he was a lump of clay figure that was moulded by the artist. G-d saw that it was good and he breathed life into him. In this moment of moulding man out of a kind of clay or substance, the woman was in him; both were together unified as one in him. The woman was not seen because she was in man; only man could see what he was and wanted to be by creating another of him the woman. To create her out from him was his intention. In the depth of man lies the woman, he made her visible by bring woman out of himself. The power to transform himself into duality is shown by creation that is man. Just as the woman carries the baby in the depth of her womb, they were both one in her, but afterwards the child is born, the child stands separated from her, undermining the sex of the child. What was one as single became double.

Adam the first created man carried the woman in him. Here you would see the perfect G-d as many but one (Mystery)? Adam that was one became two, but seen as one. G-d took out the woman from Adam’s ribs and they became two but imitating the unity of the start by loving each other earth. Adam was delighted to see a second creature of him with whom to live and shear feelings together.

Please don’t say all these are scriptural jargons, but think and use your inner power to discern the truth of which you are, these are your first steps to attaining spiritual up growth and these are all the stages towards that end.

“Man, you have the right to discover who you are.”



  1. liloo05 Says:

    Dear Elimas,

    You mention the Bible, you should know that there is a big contradition between the book of Genesis chapter 1 and chapter 2.

    (Gen 1:27)
    “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.”

    The 2nd says (Gen. 2.22)

    “Then the LORD God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man.”

    How do you explain this contradiction?

  2. Thanks for you question.

    There are no contradictions but most passages from the bible require in-depth studies and spiritual insight, to understand what are stated therein.

    1. (Gen 1:27)
    “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.”

    This potion is explaining a point, but its meaning is hidden in mist of the words. “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him” –
    It is also trying to make us understand that Man as G-d created himself the man, to come to earth as a visitor;
    “In the image of G-d he created him”
    G-d created out of himself (image), in his image (same) created (he) himself-man. Man is like G-d as G-d he created him, the two are one. Please look to;

    (Psalm 82 verses 6)
    “I have said, ye are gods and all of you are the children of the most High”

    “Male and female he created them.” What stated here as two is one instead. Please read carefully. Male and female, one out from one, watch the emphasis used there, male and female he created them, they were one and he made them two and named them male and female. But in the actual fact they were one. A tree sprouts up as one, but grew into branches. What was planted as a seed produced many fruits, one became many.

    Now the only way that this was again explained in human actions, is the possibility of a female who is of course one became two or more. The two came together and had sexual intercourse, she that was one, became more than herself only, she now carries a living form inside her, she became two or more.

    2. The 2nd says (Gen. 2.22)
    “Then the LORD God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man.”
    Please let us continue the verse till (Gen. 2.23);

    “The man said, this one at last is the bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh. This one shall be called woman, for from man she was taken.

    From man was the woman taken, from a part of man, from himself again like he created himself, created he herself too. Now read what the man said, this one is at last (Bones of “MY” bones and flesh of “MY” flesh) but this one shall be called woman. Why? Because, “For from man she was taken”

    So we see that the two are the same, one in oneself (same) as man was in G-d, so the woman was in man, they both were in G-d, that was G-d. He has being a G-d, and will be G-d as one, unified. There was him and only him as one, and he is one. From where the came to earth and there will they journey back later.
    John 17.11.
    “I come to thee, Holy Father, keep through thine own name those whom thou hast given me that they may be one, as we are”
    Jesus Christ spoke those words to G-d his father, concerning those that believe and received his teachings.

    If we decide to read and study the above analysis with an open mind, and ready to digress, it is clearly shown what it is all about. There are no contradictions as many may believe the bible has in most statements written. The meaning is mostly hidden amongst words. Think and look deep, the answers are always in the words.

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