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When one is asked who is the Devil? Many would quickly respond by saying; he has a black skinned colour, he has a forked tail, two horns standing on his forehead, with big red eye balls to form a face. He holds with him a forked spear to pierce his escaping victims’ heart at will. These descriptions are right in a sense of what the age old church has made the people to see the Devil to be. These are the common features you would see in the normal pictures of the Devil painted till this date.

But we should know who the true Devil is and  find ways to control or resist him, the better for our lives and existence here on earth.

The True Devil is you, your Thoughts and your doubts. The Bad side of us, that part of us that always fight to overcome, that resistive part of man even when he feels wrong.  This is a high creative force in the hearts of mankind. Thoughts unguarded raise doubts, while doubt raises in turn, imagination that great creative ability in man that never stops ticking like the wall clock. Here in is the whole of creation with its cruelty or love apparel. It is the theurgist working tool. By it man created a barrier between himself and all his wants in life, he places a stopper to his life’s run.

The Devil is feelings or emotions that are deep, so deep enough to affect your normal life and that would transform you. A transformation that hurts you and causes you sorrows and pains, that causes you depression and the like in life, these attributes are your enemies. In another way of speaking, the Devil is you, it is us inside us. When we allow him, he takes control of our lives. But if we learn to resist him by knowing him as in us and in our everyday actions, we are his victor. Why would you blame the society at large for your failures in life? Or for all the ill wind that befell you? What have you tried doing to affect changes in your world and life around you? Whom have you seen falling and you helped him on your shoulders? How many people are already down, and you raised them up even at your expense? These questions could go infinite.

It is men that personify the Devil as a figure with form and shape. But the image so painted by the ancient society of mystics to mean the devil in the ancient times has symbolical meaning. His horns and tail are meaning, animal tendencies in us which we must learn to suppress and brought under control. The horns also show the tendencies of quarrels and fighting with a mind of inflicting your fellow men with pains and sorrows. The end of his tail is painted in shape of a piercing arrow. This is an attribute to war and destruction. In the ancient times, their major weapon of war was bow and arrow and spear. The painting was so drawn and painted to show mankind their faults and mistakes. Knowing them, he could learn to control all the animal instict in him and to bring them in order.

All self centred thought, without second consideration for the next person, all haphazard thought to hurt your fellow man, all unchecked and uncontrolled thoughts that would affect others life to cause them pains are the Devil, but personified, he is a man in truth.


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