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WHAT ARE DREAMS? August 23, 2008

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Dreams are mostly mystical or occultist symbolism from the other life, some call it the Astral Life. Most dreams state are journey of the soul and mind attached to each other but while one is earth bound the other is free soared high like eagle to the high Heavens. The soul soars to this height to see information’s and because the mind is attached to the soul experiences, it relates the messages back to the mind body to comprehend here on earth. Upon the waking state, the body remembers it had a dream last night. The Soul visits places and occult libraries, even Akashic Records, and it transmits the message back to the mind which in turn tries to download it to the conscious receptive mind in the body. By this method, many receive news of things to happen, or even occult rituals that are effective. When activated, they give cures to ailments and relate informations and observances that can effect changes in ones life and environments.

Most dreams are very foretelling of events and happenings that are to occur in one or other people’s lives as the case may be, even events and futures of people and government of countries are possible to be seen in dreams. Since it is the master of the world and the great beyond the Soul, which does this conscious but unconscious body travelling, the messages so transmitted is real, and are possible occurrences here on earth.

To be able to interpret dreams perfectly or accurately, one must first understand the occult symbols that are in this dream. The dreamer must be sure that he or she relates the dreams in details as they had appeared. Though the happenings may seem like a drama, while most times the dreamer is part of this dramatic act. They are not sure to happen as they are seen by this dreamer but have other occult meaning instead. Most people like I had said see things but they are seldom happening as exactly dreamt. To the people that dreams and their dreams occur exactly as they are seen, are very rear kinds of people. They are gifted with the ability of prophesying, they are special and their minds are tender and lovely. This ability could be developed with interest, as much as when had from youth time, is possible to loose it when one is matured with reasons.


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