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Problem is defined as an altered state of situation to the victim who stands as the recipient of same. It is like Magick its counterpart, which is an altered state of consciousness. Problems are said to be seen as negative forms of exhibition before the recipient. It poses as a hostile force with an advantage of wining gaining ground over it victims and over their material possessions completely. Therefore, claiming all forms of happiness and striping them bear and naked, its victims are left depressive and remains in chaos. Most of them that have weak heart are left with nervous break down and the like illnesses.

Situations like this are best tackled with an equal state of cognisance and virtue. We have heard that like attracts like, we therefore need to attract an equal state of power generated and amplified through the Mind “Conscious force of the Will-action” to the destruction of this mountain of despairs. An altered state of consciousness or situations requires equal state of heart or strength to face and relinquish it.

The best power that man can be utilized to fight and overthrow negative situations is the WILL (Magick). The mind requires the intelligence to function. The will is a tool that the heart through the power of the mind amplifies the Magickal powers into action. This will set into motion this force so generated with high voltage of electrical current, strong enough to blow down a house, with all its solid foundations. This is of course; a break through the barriers of failures and deprivations in live generally.

We need the force of the soul by the act of the mind (Source of magical ambiguities) which is of course the will. The intelligence through the thought power quickens the will and affects the conscious mind and draw down power and authority to quail the problem.

So the next time you are faced with a hard situation, do not allow this to penetrate your heart by feeling sorry over you or the position it affects. But rather, take up the armour of man’s war fare, the will power of believe, generated by the thought power – Mind. And face the situation with all steadinesses of heart and unwearied faith in you being able to do it. See yourself through. This brings us to the topic of Ritual Magick, a condition that puts the mind and will power under check and balance for the operator.


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