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I am posting this topic because I felt the need of the world to know about 2012. In one of the group where I belong in Ning space, a member was interested that I asked the Angels of light about 2012 and these was the result I got. After that many who read this topic are all asking me to post this for many to read and learn from it. So I decided to shear it here in my web-log.

“Thanks for this beautiful and intelligent question. (Response to the question of the member the enquirer) I have my answers as revealed by the Angels on the future 2012. I really did or never have gave attentions to the noise made all over the world about this year. But I was forced by the demand of people to put my attention on this particular year and I received my messages and visions on this from the Angels of light regarding that and here it is;

The world would not be coming to an end in 2012 as many thought it would be, but instead there will be a change in ideas, religion and spirituality from this year upwards. A religion or call it a tradition or a way of worship or life will arise from this year upwards and it will draw a lot of attention and demand the minds of people all over the world to look up on it.

From this year 2012 is the age, the long awaited golden age of the messiah to come and live amongst men to teach and lead the way to the light. The ladder has descended from the heavens and the ones in the light would climb up this ladder to meet their true and divine one.

In this year upwards many will die and many would be born. It is the age where sanitation is demanded by the king over the world. A new king will be born or emerge and he is called the golden one. He will preach, teach and talk more about love and correct the world of making a mistake on love and its application. He will correct the way love is exhibited by man to one another. He will therefore show how true love causes no pains or fears in the hearts of one another.

In this year is terrorism wiped out from the surface of the world or reduced to a minimum of one to zero because true love would rule and take the order of the day in everyone’s life. In this year religion would strife to unite from many into one and the same. It will be a collective effort to achieve this. This is why the king requires the like minds of the ones in the light who are ready and prepared waiting for this time and his coming to help this transformation possible. This is a year of mass poltergeist people or many with divers powers and abilities as their natural gift is required to help propel the world from its chaotic state to freedom and peace. They are born now and many will be born then, these are seen and to be known as living masters and teachers. But even then “many are called few are chosen, very few”. There would and should be one religion in the world, this is the true doctrine that unites the world as one. In this time, there will be absolute understanding amongst the world, nations and families etc. and no more rumours of wars and fears, starvations etc. And this religion, or tradition or way of life is why the king is called golden as many nations heart will be arrested and taken under control. Proper love will dominate homes and nations etc.

I see that from this year some nations would perish under the sea and buried under the earth. The earth would open up its sulphuric mouth issuing forth smoke and swallow up nations or path of nations that pollutes the system of government that the king needs to strim line the world to follow the light.
It is the age of wonder and many dreams of the spiritualist come true. As their hope is restored by the coming of this Golden one and break through. Many that has made mistakes either by their method of worship or believe would correct them by this chance and time.
The word CHANGE that President Obama of the united states of America promotes in his campaign in election is a word put in him to say and use by the Angels so that it will resound in the minds of the people of the earth. That is why this campaign has gone down in history because it sounded to the end path of the world it is remarkable in history. The only reason why this great advertisement was allowed by the Angels of light in that election to echo to the end part of the world was to make way for the change to start from where the world expected it America the up country where the world has its eyes upon. America is like the world president and the speech and campaign done in that country will definitely attract attention the same as saying; If Mr president of America Barak Obama could do it in America why not…. anywhere. He was used by the light to announced to the world what it needs now and that would occur in this year 2012 and it is CHANGE. He has prepared the minds of the people towards this word and the power behind it and the messiah is coming also with this same stride and would take the world by this surprise like it has already in America. That nation stood as an example to make way for this time of 2012. It has created awareness in the heart of the entire world. No much surprises any more though as the word change is alive already, the world would not be amazed but accept it instead.

It all going to be so like it is stated dear ones in the light!

This change will really come to stay. For once again G-d wants to give the world a chance to embrace the light and that will really be occurring from this year upwards. So are you ready love? That is the golden question that should be resounding in the minds of the world force.

From that year changes would be the order of the life and the watch word of the people, In homes, streets, countries in people in general. The name for that year is “CHANGE TIME” The Messiah will come in the Golden age and that age is now or never. But not Jesus Christ as stated in the Bible but a messiah is also a saviour and a tradition or a religion propagated by some one is also a messiah this time.
Not only America would need to rise in spirituality this year onwards, its both you and me all inclusive etc.

More to come from the Angels of light on Hope of man and the world at large………..


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