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About me – elimas (avatar) July 30, 2008

I Elimas (Avatar), teach and practice Spiritual practical Angelic kabbalah art. It is not a religion as many might think it is, rather a tradition from the Jewish religion. I have gained several years of practical knowledge in Ritual and Ceremonial magick, Osho-Juju, Wicca and Pagan spiriuatl rituals of rear and divers kinds that would amaze the mind but would excite and prepare the ascended in heart to meet their needs. I specifically base my practice on Spiritual Angelic Kabbalah art and the quest into the supernatural, which inbibe the calls and communication with the Angels of light. I teach tarot card reading, crystal gazing and contact with genies etc. I prepare special talismans and seals that achieve feats such as coukd help humanity in their daily lives like when one is sick with ailments that persist and refuse to be cured. I also have special spiritual Angelic work that helps promote business ventures and the like. The fact is that, Angels and Archangels are true and are real like you and I. Anyone interested in conversing with their Holy guidean Angels of light are free to write to me, as this assures progress in all ways of life, and i will be ready to unvail this great and majestic secret of the supernatural.


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