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While this is observed as a failure on the part of the victims tagged nefarious by religion and many spiritual progenitors. It is severely wrong to blame the victims. We have heard that knowledge is power, understanding is wisdom, the victims are having different views of their own and strong reasons behind their decision. To them it is the same, there is pleasure derived from sex the same as with the opposite sex. What is then wrong with it. After all sex is all about romance and satifaction of ones orgy.

This is of course seen from the face of Spiritual progression as everything the other way round, wrong in another sense of reasoning from spiritual perspectives. It is far from G-d plan for the universe. The world he intended creating with absolute perfection. G-d exemplifies reproduction, by separating the woman out from the man. Both was one person, and the same inside one (the woman inside man, from the beginning) to be rejoined in sexual union and return as one in the beginning. Two will not return to the kingdom separated but only as one. As above so below, it was in the beginning as one, so must it return at the end as one. Production is seen therefore from spiritual point of view, a task to all mankind and sex with the opposite sex is a fulfilment to this great upgrade task ahead of man.

The aims and objectives of creation and sex are not only because of love nor hate but reproduction of male and female genetics meaning, continuation in creation. There is bound to be the continuity of dualism here on earth. An example is the Seed when planted was one, but grew and reproduced itself as fruits with several leaves and twigs. One sole purposes of sexual reunion between opposite sex between male and female, is to gain absolute unity and bound as one, to have a partner of the opposite sex with whom you both remain with one another as one. The twine is one; both lived in the mother who was one. She bore them in her womb, even though they came out as two, both was in one.

Pregnancy is a dual form of your own organic form of life here on earth. It is your own twine soul that would either come as a male or female, born here to the material earth plane. The union between opposite sexes is to express true love and reception and it creates an atmosphere of bound and stability. All was one and it emerges as two. They have being in one and because of natural progression, there is now two. He was one unproved by action of the will of the soul to learn and gain experiences that it, Spirit master requires from the earth human plane. Because it was one and it would always remain as one again. And the union as one is only achieved through sexual reunion. At this same time is the possibility to regain the lost kingdom. The pleasure and ecstasy of that moment is the kingdom, it is the promised paradise and it yielded result of progeny, a child reborn. The soul has once more recreated itself as promised out of him. The caterpillar became a butterfly. The caterpillar is still in the existence of the butterfly, since that was the first stage of its growth or existence. One without the sensibility of nature and its progeny is not able to say it was a caterpillar at first before becoming a butterfly, he only saw now butterflies, not the caterpillars the first stage of its growth.

All those who fall under these laws of reproducing his dual self are fulfilling their path of the earth journey. While those that fail, not because natural causes or the like occurrence, but because of self decision to not want a child, or sex with opposite sex, are craving for reincarnation definitely. And as already being recounted above, reincarnation is not a pleasurable thing to expect in ones life or another, but instead pains and sneers.


WHAT ARE DREAMS? August 23, 2008

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Dreams are mostly mystical or occultist symbolism from the other life, some call it the Astral Life. Most dreams state are journey of the soul and mind attached to each other but while one is earth bound the other is free soared high like eagle to the high Heavens. The soul soars to this height to see information’s and because the mind is attached to the soul experiences, it relates the messages back to the mind body to comprehend here on earth. Upon the waking state, the body remembers it had a dream last night. The Soul visits places and occult libraries, even Akashic Records, and it transmits the message back to the mind which in turn tries to download it to the conscious receptive mind in the body. By this method, many receive news of things to happen, or even occult rituals that are effective. When activated, they give cures to ailments and relate informations and observances that can effect changes in ones life and environments.

Most dreams are very foretelling of events and happenings that are to occur in one or other people’s lives as the case may be, even events and futures of people and government of countries are possible to be seen in dreams. Since it is the master of the world and the great beyond the Soul, which does this conscious but unconscious body travelling, the messages so transmitted is real, and are possible occurrences here on earth.

To be able to interpret dreams perfectly or accurately, one must first understand the occult symbols that are in this dream. The dreamer must be sure that he or she relates the dreams in details as they had appeared. Though the happenings may seem like a drama, while most times the dreamer is part of this dramatic act. They are not sure to happen as they are seen by this dreamer but have other occult meaning instead. Most people like I had said see things but they are seldom happening as exactly dreamt. To the people that dreams and their dreams occur exactly as they are seen, are very rear kinds of people. They are gifted with the ability of prophesying, they are special and their minds are tender and lovely. This ability could be developed with interest, as much as when had from youth time, is possible to loose it when one is matured with reasons.


Reincarnation July 31, 2008

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Reincarnation is rather a topic that requires in-depth attention. Be you a Wicca, Pagan, Kabbalist, Mystic, Hindu, Buddhist or the like, we all possesses a soul one time or another. There have being series of ideas and believes from various school of thoughts on this subject.
For instance, Christians in general, do not believe in reincarnation and others who believe, has different views to this subject. This makes it somewhat confusing for the layman to comprehend absolutely.
Reincarnation is not when you die, and because you failed in your responsibilities here on earth, therefore, one must return to correct them.
How one lives here on earth, bounds or frees your soul. How one is able to control and govern their desire and wants as the case may be, counts and plays a prominent role in ones spiritual evolution or ones degeneration.
Most school of thoughts, taught their followers that, when one fails here on earth and one dies, it is simply possible you are re-prepared in the astral world, to come back to correct these mistakes again here on earth.
Reincarnation is not really as pleasant as it is being treated by these people. It is not a pleasant affair that one needs be happy over as most people even claim they learnt from their masters.
There are astral masters that are ready and willing to prepare the student for his extra wasted time journey back to earth. One would also be the judge of when and how, what family you think would satisfy your goals on earth. but the fact remains that, the world that is easy now as it may seem then, might be severe, in this time when this soul is ready to return.
If we compare the life of the then ancient times to the present, you would make out the difference that i am trying to pot ray here.
I have also heard personally, people still alive claiming to have themselves already reincarnated by another member of their family, how is this possible? What an absurd knowledge.

How possible can a living soul control another soul at the same life? This is only possible by G-d the creator and elevator of souls, he is the soul in souls that makes souls what they are.  Reincarnation is a kind of punishment for a soul that fails in its duties while he was here on earth. He allowed his wants for pleasure to becloud his judgement, so he must pay. For the flesh fights against the spirit and the spirits against the flesh. There are qualities of the flesh and the spirit and i will state some of them here for clarity purposes;

Now for the works of the flesh (body), adultery, fornications, uncleanneness, hate, lies, quarrels, fighting, gossips, envying one another, murders, drug addiction, drunkenness.

While for the spirit – soul is, love, joy, kindness, peace, longsuffering with one another (display of love) meekness, humbleness, goodness, honesty, trustworthy, believes, gentleness etc.

Freedom of will that G-d accorded man, of course applies to his daily needs and satisfactions in general. when one hates his fellow man and carries this hatred in mind until his death, this automatically results failure on the path of this person. He has dealt unjustly with his fellow man; he exhibited hate and scorn instead of love. Those that fall under this category has broken the Golden rule of love.
Jesus the Christ, we must never fail to acknowledge this great teacher in our studies, be you a Wicca or Pagan, affirmed love as the greatest essence of life “love your neighbour as yourself, love G-d with all your heart and with all your might and soul” he had said.
We know what the Christians think of anyone who does not fall under their form of worship or even if you do, you must come under their denomination, otherwise your soul will roast in hell fire (Funny).

On the cross of his crucifixion the master Jesus Christ continued to affirm seriously on love, he had hammered so much on love. He asked for forgiveness on his tormentors even at the point of his dying on the tree where he was hanged.

Any society or group of persons, religious bodies even individuals, that scorn love in their fold, should be regarded as dead. Such groups and meet ups has nothing to offer. It all starts with love and through love only must one aspire to the great G-d or goddess.
In Wicca magic (Modern Witchcraft) practice of today, this is also affirmed in their laws called the “Three fold Laws” The thunder bolt you send to destroy another would surely return back to you in three fold.
The desire, the want for extreme pleasure by material acquisition here on earth enslaves the soul, we know It quickens the soul and subject it to follies and reincarnation is retrogressive while the prime desire of the soul that enables the body is progression into the higher astral realm. It is true that all these are for a time they are limited pleasures, temporary satisfaction, the soul strives for higher ground instead, it has an ideal, to be a victor.

It is painful that the body it occupies filthy with lies, cheating, corruptions, theft immoralities etc, and this hurts her badly. The soul laments, in pain of how she returns back to the sinful unpleasant world, where she was once trapped. The soul would never be able to comprehend why the body had attached so much importance to the pleasures of this earth, what is really great about being here once again, she would imagine to herself.
It is possible that the soul might in cause of its return back, cause the body to deform, as this deformity may deprive the body of the absolute pleasure that she so enjoyed in the before life time, when all was well and good. With due respect to all who fall under this category, i do not mean to say that all deformed persons are suffering from reincarnations, but a way to clarify this study for more understanding. It is rather understandable for them also to see things from this perspective.
When it is said, we are in this world, a school of some kind to learn and gain knowledge to prepare us for the journey to the next life, it does not refer to the body but rather the soul, it needs knowledge to survive the journey to freedom and unification to his supreme source, G-d.
Why does the body need to undergo suffering and mystical sacrifices to enable it to assume spiritual perfection, One may be tempted to ask? Because the soul needs to ware the body off, that clay that encases it, to enable it reach and taste its freedom to higher grounds.
Odin the Runic god did the same, when he hung himself on the tree for 9 days to travel to the great beyond (soul travel) to gain the power of the Runic magic.
When the mind is completely trapped and enslaved on material wants and acquisitions that is a trap to the spirit- the deity that governs the soul and the soul which in turn rules and governs the body.
So humans check and balance your desire for materials wants etc.